Safety and Security

Visitors should exercise caution and good judgment when visiting Belize. Crime can be a real problem particularly in Belize City and remote areas. Road accidents are common. Public buses and taxis are frequently in poor condition and lack safety equipment. Medical care is limited .While the border between Belize and Guatemala is in dispute, but

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Social Information

» Conditions: Tourism facilities vary in quality. From a limited number of business-class hotels in Belize City, to resorts on the Cayes, to a range of ecotourism lodges providing very basic, countryside accommodations, Belize offers a variety of places to stay for every traveler’s budget and scenic preference. Crime is a continued growing concern. This

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Welcome new students!!!

We’ve just finished our 3rd week of classes! It has truly been awesome what God has been doing! and What he is continually doing! It’s really a pleasure to welcome our NEW STUDENTS! Maralee Cadel,Orelle Castillo,Carrie Huestis,Brennan Ramclam,Amanda Ramclam,Latrese Pastor,Cydie Guzman, and WELCOM BACK! Azmin Barrera This is the most exciting semester yet, with a

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Fall 2019

This the the street and the front of the land that we were able to purchase with a generous donation from Aunt Betty Wilkinson who loved the Word of God. This is nearly a half an acre in Santa Elena on the corner of Cemetary Road (yes, we plan to raise the dead!) and Loma

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