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Our Team

Deliverance Team

Prayer Warriors

This team prays for those in bondage to receive complete freedom from the LORD, uses the weapon of warfare, Praise &Worship, and intercede for those in need.
Our Team

Current Administrator

Nanette Taylor, Administrator, Graduate Class of 2020

Nanette keeps the school running smoothly by helping the students keep track of assignments, enrolling students, issuing books, taking care of administrative duties, running the ZOOM and many other tasks
Our Team

Craig Fritzler

Professor Of Biblical Studies

Pastor Craig has taught for us many classes, and we are grateful for his insight and passion for the Word of God.
Our Team

Jenny Findley

Director of Donations

Jenny Findley has painstakingly processed all donations for the last 3 years. Her contribution to this enterprise cannot be understated. She does an exceptional job and is a key part of our team . We couldn't be here if it were not for her hard work, and handling our mail. what a amazing woman with such a special heart to bless God's work here.
Our Team

Melida Diaz

Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator: We couldn't run the school without the help of this lady! She keeps us all on track! Bright, talented, and a heart for God, and what a blessing to all the students.
Our Team

Sheralyn Harbor

Professor, CFNI Belize, Mentor, Leader

She comes to us with a greatly needed skill set and gifting of teaching and counseling. She has a Master's in Religious Education from Golden Gate Theological Seminary and an Undergraduate from Columbia nternational. She has enjoyed a career of teaching all ages, in both formal and informal settings, primarily in schools and churches. Her strong organizational skills as well as her efforts to develop curriculum and organized programs will be a great asset to CFNI Belize. At this time in her life, God has placed upon her heart an urgency to train and disciple the next generation(s) to become the leaders God has purposed for them to become change agents in their world. Sheralyn is an integral part of the school and brings the Bible to LIFE! Student LOVE this woman! She has the mother heart of God.
Our Team

Van Harbor

Professor, CFNI Belize, Mentor, Leader

We are very excited about Van Harbor joining our team. Van has been in teaching in a bible school in Mexico for the last three yeas. He comes to us with many years of experience in teaching the Bible, and leadership, as well as pastoring at the Vineyard church in San Francisco! He also has his Master's in Divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Seminary. He is truly an example of a godly man, happy Christian, and a Leader with the Father's heart. We are so incredibly blessed to have Van and Sheralyn on the team
Our Team

Mark Bloomer

Mark Bloomer, Founder and Director

Mark Bloomer is the Founder and Director of CFNI Belize, as well as a teacher . He graduated from Christ for the Nations Dallas with a degree in Applied Theology in 200 and earlier, from Texas A&M in College Station Texas with a BS degree in Agronomy. Mark has been in ministry since 1995, and founded and led a Youth Church in Allen, TX from 2000-2016.
Our Team

Connie Park


Connie is a sister in the Lord for over 20 years and we highly value her many contributions to this mission outreach, but especially her heart to intercede for us.
Our Team

Juanita Steed


Prayer Warrior for souls in Belize and for our safety. We highly value Juanita and all she does to pray for us and the people of Belize, she is a long time sister in the Lord and we love her dearly.
Our Team

Brad and Diana Bingham and Family

Intercessors for CFNI Belize

Brad and Diana are our son in law and daughter living in Redding and active at Bethel. We so appreciate their prayer and committiment to pray for us. If God be for us, let no one be against us. We desire His Kingdom Come and His Will be Done! Prayer changes things because Our Father loves us!


for CFNI Belize, my life has changed so muchAdd New Testimonial. I can’t believe how much I have learned and all the Lord is pouring into my life. It has been a life transforming experience! I highly recommend this school, no matter what your educational background!

I know My Heavenly Father Loves Me, My life really changed!

It’s amazing how much I have learned and all I have experienced. I don’t have words to express my gratitude for CFNI coming to BELIZE! It has opened a whole new world for me. I am bolder now, and being used in ministry in new ways. Melida Diaz, First Semester

I wanted to go deeper in God’s Word, and I’m glad I signed up!

CFNI has helped me to have confidence in myself and to believe that I can truly do all things in Jesus and to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Narcissa, mother of 6, Has really grown in three semesters!

When I just heard about CFNI Belize, I immediately knew that it was something I wanted. I was willing and ready to learn more about God, the Bible and to grow spiritually. This school has been such a blessing to me, the teachers are such a blessing and without them I wouldn’t have made it through.I am so grateful for their patience, for their teachings. I love them as family. CFNI Belize IS my family. Here God has been opening the doors and I am expectant of what will happen and how much we will learn and grow for the coming semesters.

Melida Diaz, mother of four, and top student!

CFNI Belize means a lot to me because I want to do a lot for God . I needed to learn and this school and the brothers here taught me many things. Also it is a great ambition for us because it my heart is for Jesus and to do the will of Jesus. Greater is HE that is in me than He who is in the world.

Winford Welch, Father and student.

This is on of the best schools I have ever attended. When I came to this school I didn’t understand about the Bible, but after I started to attend this school, I understand more about the Bible. A big thank you to all the instructors. You did a Great JOB, especially Mark. (Phillip is the in the first row on the left, Mark stands in back of him)

This is one of the BEST school’s I’ve ever ATTENDED Phillip Chocco

CFNIBelize means the very best blessings. God is so great and a master mind to have put this school in place just for us. Thank FGod for this school. I love CFNIB

Crystal V.

CFNI Belize has helped me to have confidence in myself and to believe that I can truly do all things in Jesus. It has really helped me to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. I have learned so much at this school. The teachers really care about each one of us .

Narcissa Verde
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