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» Conditions: Tourism facilities vary in quality. From a limited number of business-class hotels in Belize City, to resorts on the Cayes, to a range of ecotourism lodges providing very basic, countryside accommodations, Belize offers a variety of places to stay for every traveler’s budget and scenic preference. Crime is a continued growing concern. This is why revival is so important to this country.  Many Belizeans are poorly educated and needing work.  San Ignacio, in the Cayo district has many hotels and some with pools.  We have personally stayed in the Midas Resort  (which has a large swimming pool!) and the Riverfront Inn and found the accommodations suitable (from $40-60/night), and we were very grateful for the air conditioning! If you come, be sure your hotel has air conditioning, and remember that it may be an extra fee for the AC, so ask ahead of time. 

» Population: According to the the 2010 Belize Population Census, Belize’s population is 321,115 persons. Latinos are the largest group, which account for 50% of the population. Creoles accounted for 21%, Maya and Garifuna make up 10%. The number of Garifunas and East Indians remained at their 2000 levels. About 19 thousand persons or 6% of the population claimed to be of mixed ethnic origin.

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