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Welcome new students!!!

We’ve just finished our 3rd week of classes! It has truly been awesome what God has been doing! and What he is continually doing! It’s really a pleasure to welcome our NEW STUDENTS!
Maralee Cadel,
Orelle Castillo,
Carrie Huestis,
Brennan Ramclam,
Amanda Ramclam,
Latrese Pastor,
Cydie Guzman,
and WELCOM BACK! Azmin Barrera

This is the most exciting semester yet, with a bright crop of students who are after the Heart of God!

Spring 2020 Work on the Campus! Getting the Buildings in shape!

Narcissa’s daughter Amber and Leo painting Classroom 1

Working on the buildings!

The Students, and our wonderful missionary volunteers have been amazing to get the buildings updated, painted, and keep the grass mowed . David Gonzalez sanded the floors and stained them. Leo, Earnesto, Kenrick, LJ, and David G also painted and worked on the new deck coming in! So grateful especially to James Taylor who has been an amazing help, doing so many of the repairs and supervising work crews to paint and fix the buildings. Also, to Dave Eicher to get the deck project going and work so hard bringing crews of students in and supervising the work on the deck. I also want to thank David Gonzalez who has shown so much initiative, willingness to work hard, and persistance in getting the school ready for classes in October 2020. Many thanks also to the gals that helped, Angie Collins, Nannette Taylor, Narcissa Verde, and Crystal Vera. Onida Cabral, and Imay, Muchas Gracias ladies, you did good!

The Buildings Fall, 2019-2021

2021 buildings now Getting a deck roof!
These are the two buildings we bought from a local Christian school which was getting new bulidings. They were moved to our land from Belmopan. Whoo hoo!!! Our own place, now the work begins! 2019!

Fall 2019

This the the street and the front of the land that we were able to purchase with a generous donation from Aunt Betty Wilkinson who loved the Word of God. This is nearly a half an acre in Santa Elena on the corner of Cemetary Road (yes, we plan to raise the dead!) and Loma Luz (Hill of LIght in Spanish).

These are the two buildings, 17 years old that we purchased from a local Christian school which was getting two new buildings. We had them moved from the capital city of Belmopan to Santa Elena

Third Semester and Students Growing. Student’s eyes healed

End of Semester One Party, May 2018

Many thanks to Gary and Georgia Bell for coming and photographing our momentous event!! So proud of all our students. Most improved award went to Narcissa Verde, and Deans List to Melida Diaz and  Michele Hyde!

Dave Eicher, Never too old to learn God’s Word!

Craig Fritzler TeachingFoundations of Faith!

Pastors Luis Wade and Scott Stirm Host us on Rise and Shine Belize!

We were thrilled to talk about the opportunity for Belizeans to get a Bible School Education here in Cayo! It’s not too late to sign up for Classes that Start on Monday at 5:45 at House of Culture!

Some good looking students!!!!

Passion for the Lord!! The girl sitting is a visitor

Sabrina, a Beautiful Belizean woman going after God!

Julius, a miracle young man!

Crystal, a heart after God!

Mark teaching on Deliverance

Arlen, a curious young man..lots of questions

Pastor Ron, of Cornerstone Church, Great friend to this ministry and sits on our Advisory Board

Craig Fritzler, anointed teacher