Monthly Archives: October 2017

Mark praying for the police in San Ignacio.

Mark and the team was privileged to be invited to pray for the police department thanks to the Captain  with whom we made an acquaintance.  We are priveleged to be able to bless them with Psalm 91 laminated cards given to us by our friend in Dallas, Wendy. 

Mark Sharing the Vision for CFNI Belize at Fountain of Life in August!

Meeting Pastors…Making Friends…learning the Culture!

We’ve really enjoyed meeting with Pastors in Cayo District! One of our early meetings is in the top picture, we had a great turnout of about 40!

Below is a picture of our team having lunch  with Pastor Aaron and his mom and daughter, after  service at New Creation Church Sunday Service!

We had a great time worshiping the Lord with them with a vibrant congregation. Pastor Aaron let us share the vision of the school. The pastor’s here have been very warm and open, receiving us so graciously. They are excited about the coming school.  The pastors are happy that a Bible school is coming to Cayo District. There was a school here years ago but it closed after one year. We have let them know we hope to work ourselves out of a job!


Bible Institute Applications are READY!!!


OH  HAPPY day!!!Norene Fritz, above in yellow, has been working to make our application forms! It has been an arduous task but they are ready at last, copied, and collated. Dee Dee Ballentine, a local interim pastor and teacher, volunteered to help us! We appreciate her proof reading skills. The first set of forms were distributed to New Creation Church in Santa Elena last Sunday!

We’re in Deep Mud now!!

 Two nights ago we got a late night call to help a family with two members being harrassed by the enemy. IT was late, just after 10 p.m.) and we were reluctant to leave on a rainy night. Driving down an dirt road, it was pitch black outside. We asked them to stand at the end of the drive as no one has an address here (even street names are rare). So standing in the muggy, rainy blackness they stood anxioiusly waiting fo us. The road looked pretty bad, deep clay for at least 4″  and in some places much deeper.  Silly me, I forged ahead with my sandals, but after 30′ there was a mud glob at least 4″ deep.  The sandals became so heavy I had to take them off. Well it was worth it!!! The Father was so gracious and the whole family pursued in prayer with us for the freedom of their cousins. At 1 a.m. the power of darkness was broken and the power and presence of the Lord was precious in that place as we gave Thanks!